Director of photography

I am a 22 years young Director of Photography. Also doing jobs as 1.AC / 2.AC / Lights.

I’m mostly focusing on being a Director of Photography, although as a freelancer I can provide you with more services from strategy, production preparation to video editing. One of my video making equipments is a drone therefore I can provide some aerial shots. I own all necessary gear to be able to masterpiece more demanding projects. Camera technology is lent for the most demanding projects.

I have experienced making videos in all different kinds of filming environments such as commercials, extreme sports, weddings, aftermovie, shorfilms etc.. Mostly focusing on commercials, extreme sports and weddings. 

I do have 2 more business websites. One for weddings where I hold the position of a project manager and a DOP. The other one I’ve created with my mate. It’s  where we focus on reality videos and I’m the cameraman of these videos.

In my personal view every single project should have its own visualization and originality. Therefore all my projects have differences that make them special for their purpose. I’m always trying to connect to the customers demands and briefs.


My goal is to deliver a final creation that amazes the audience.


I done jobs for:




Respilon – social site commercial – DOP (2022)

Notino (IS Produkce) – social site commercial – B CAMERA OPERATOR (2022)

AAA Auto (Manana Production) – social site commercial – GAFFER (2022)

Unihobby (IS Produkce) – TV commercial – KEY GRIP (2023)

Schott (IS produkce) – GAFFER (2023)

Tescoma – TV commercial  – GAFFER, COLOURIST (spring 2023)

Tescoma – TV commercials  – GAFFER, 1.AC (summer 2023)

Hornbach (IS produkce) – 1.AC (2023)

Rim (IS produkce) – Gaffer (2023)



Princezna zakletá v čase – 2.AC, LIGHTNING TECHNICIAN (2020)

Princezna zakletá v čase 2 – GRIP (2022)

Zatmění – GRIP /2 days/ (2022)


Student films:

Please Rise – DIT (2021)

Klíč číslo 8 – 2.AC (2022)

Úkryt – 1.AC (2022)

Noční procházka – GAFFER (2022)

Spirilka – 1.AC (2023)



Livestream cameraman – MČR computer games (Prima Cool live broadcast), Valachy Tour, various conferences,..